Liam Ryan won the mark of the year with a speccie over Max Gawn in 2019. He just attempted mark of the century over the Melbourne ruckman when he stood on Gawn’s shoulders, but he could not hold the mark.

A few pole vaulters will be happy if they get as high as Ryan in Paris.

Then he goes back and kicks a goal to put the margin out to five goals and they have this won.

Harley Reid.

Harley Reid.Credit: Getty

Jake Waterman has kicked five goals to be the joint leader in the Coleman Medal.

His sticky hands in the air are damaging with Melbourne losing Jake Lever in the opening minutes to concussion.

We have already seen a miraculous comeback today, but it’s looking unlikely that Narrm will overcome a four goal deficit with 11 minutes remaining.

Tim Kelly of the Eagles.

Tim Kelly of the Eagles.Credit: Getty

Narrm is undoubtedly lacking a lot of energy out there. Bayley Fritsch is doing everything he can to change that.

He slotted through his third goal of the evening and gestured to his teammates and the Narrm crowd there “let’s go”, almost begging them to lift.

Eagles by 18.

Waalitj Marawar midfielder Reuben Ginbey was allowed the stand up for so long in a tackle that his teammate Tim Kelly grabbed the ball off him and ran away without the umpire blowing the whistle.

It’s hard to watch the way that is being adjudicated.

In the meantime Narrm are fighting back with Alex Neal-Bullen and Kysaiah Pickett having a huge influence. The lead is still two goals. By thew way Waalitj Marawar are the best collective sigh crowd in the AFL when a free kick goes against them.

Meanwhile, Harley Reid is the reincarnation of Dusty Martin, I’m convinced. He just turned poor old Blake Howes in a circle when left one out in the forward 50 to kick a goal with 20 seconds remaining to open the lead at three goals.

Tongala is probably used to watching that from Reid but I’m sure Howes didn’t have that happening to him very often growing up in Parkdale.

There’s plenty of moments of Harley Reid’s highlight reel tonight. It’s hard to believe he’s just in his ninth game with the show he’s putting on tonight.

He’s just booted his second goal, with an impressive twist of his body away from his opponent and run into goal.

The major puts Waalitj Marawar up by 18 for the final change.

For Narrm, they got some momentum in the third term but were let down by their kicking. After booting an efficient 6.1 to half-time, the Demons followed it with seven behinds, with three goals, so far in the third quarter.

Eagles by 18 at HT.

In 1995 Carlton’s Anthony Koutoufides wowed us when he ran out of the centre holding the ball in one hand. Then Dusty gave us the fend-off.

Now Harley Reid has given us the double fend-off, pushing off Clayton Oliver and Christian Petracca in succession before he cleared the ball from the centre.

He then followed up to kick to Jack Darling, who kicked a goal to push the lead back out to 25 points.

Narrm are staying in it by scoring from stoppage, but four goals is a good lead.

The Demons celebrate a goal.

The Demons celebrate a goal.Credit: Getty Images

He’s having a pretty good season, that Jake Waterman.

His last bit of play: taking a contested mark between two Narrm defenders and then slotting through the goal, his third of the game so far.

Eagles by 17.

Ben Brown missed after taking a run-up that was further than the Eagles have travelled this season (of course Waalitj Marawar may not agree!).

In better sights for Narrm fans, Alex Neal-Bullen finally kicked their first goal this second half.

Eagles by 17.

First two goals to Waalitj Marawar as they dominate through the middle of the ground.

Their ball movement is quick and Narrm’s defenders are battling to stop scores resulting.

Narrm under serious pressure early.

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