Angel Reese, the standout star from LSU, is set to make waves in the WNBA next year, but how much will she earn? As she prepares to enter the professional realm of basketball, Reese faces a stark reality: WNBA salaries pale in comparison to their NBA counterparts, leaving many to wonder why such a significant gap exists.

For instance, top-tier WNBA players like Jewell Loyd, Diana Taurasi, and Arike Ogunbowale command a salary cap hit of $234,936, making them the highest-paid trio in their league. In contrast, NBA superstar Stephen Curry boasts a salary cap hit of a staggering $48.07 million – a figure approximately 204 times higher than that of Loyd, Taurasi, and Ogunbowale combined.

Angel Reese unintentionally admits she made WNBA decision a long time ago

The disparity in earnings raises questions about gender equality and the valuation of female athletes compared to their male counterparts. Despite boasting comparable accolades and skill sets, WNBA players like Taurasi and Loyd earn significantly less than their NBA counterparts.

So, what’s the deal with WNBA salaries? Well, the average salary for a WNBA player in the 2022 season was $102,751, a figure that increased to $147,745 for the 2023 season. While these numbers represent a positive trend, they still fall short of providing equitable compensation for the talent and dedication displayed by women in professional basketball.

What can LSU standout expect to earn?

For rookies like Reese, the financial landscape is particularly daunting. While she may command a considerable NIL valuation – estimated at $118,000 annually – her potential WNBA salary pales in comparison. With rookie salaries ranging from $62,285 to $74,305, Reese may find herself facing significant financial disparities as she transitions from collegiate to professional basketball.

The discrepancy in salaries between the WNBA and NBA can be attributed to differences in revenue generation, with the NBA bringing in over $10 billion in the 2022 season compared to the WNBA’s approximate $60 million. This revenue disparity directly impacts player salaries, highlighting the need for greater investment in women’s sports.

As Reese navigates her journey to the WNBA, she joins a cohort of talented athletes advocating for gender equality and fair compensation in professional basketball. While the road ahead may be challenging, Reese’s presence in the WNBA represents a significant step towards achieving greater equity in sports.

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