In June 2023, Brittany Mahomes gave her husband credit for taking some of her Instagram photos. “10/10 Husband,” she captioned a carousel of three bikini pics. In the last one, Patrick Mahomes was leaning down to photograph her. “This is another example of a moment where Patrick is okay letting his wife shine and being in the support role,” Nicole Moore told us.

Patrick has marveled over how adept Brittany is at handling the hate that’s hurled at her on social media. She briefly played soccer professionally, and Patrick believes that her history as an athlete has helped her develop a thick skin. He might be a far more successful professional athlete, but he’s so impressed with how well his wife copes with life as a public figure that he often seeks her advice on dealing with fame. “She has her head on her shoulders the right way,” he told E! News. “She’s my rock.” He also praised Brittany for not allowing criticism to dictate how she lives her life — a beneficial ability to possess for someone as active on social media as Brittany is.

Helping Brittany out on occasion by taking photos is the least Patrick can do for someone who does so much to support him. “I feel like I’m like his manager in a way. … Patrick doesn’t like to deal with all that other stuff other than football,” Brittany said on “Shootin’ It with Sophia.”

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