Rachael Ray had anything but a warm welcome when she appeared on “The Dave Letterman Show” in 2010. David Letterman started the show angered there were so many food-driven shows in America when world hunger was present, according to Eater. He said, “There’s a million different shows on American television, and there’s one: ‘Cupcake Wars.’ You realize there’s a billion people in the world starving every day, and there’s a group of a**holes having fights over cupcakes.” Because Ray was a guest on the show, Letterman planned to ask her about this issue. He told the audience, “They’re fighting over cupcakes! … Does that seem right to you? Well, she’s [Ray] got a lot to answer for when she gets out here…”

When Ray did sit down with Letterman, she tried her best to keep it light and even agreed with the host about his frustration about these shows. She said, “I agree, and I also think that with child obesity you can dramatically lower it at the same time you’re battling hunger.” The interview continued, but it was a bit uncomfortable.

A couple of days after their pre-taped interview, Letterman apologized to Ray on-air, per The Boston Herald. He said, “I’m just nuts. There’s something wrong with me. So, if you see Rachael, tell her I’m sorry. She didn’t do anything wrong.” Letterman took the blame for his actions, but in the moment, he was heated about Ray and her endless food-driven shows.

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