A student who reportedly is among the leaders of the anti-Israel encampment at Columbia University stated in a January livestream that “Zionists don’t deserve to live” any more than Nazis do.

Zionism is simply the belief that Jews have a right to a state in Israel. The vast majority of Jews are also Zionists.

The Daily Wire reported Thursday that Khymani James made the remarks during a university inquiry.

He acknowledged Thursday that he made the remarks in January, before the encampment was established at Columbia, and apologized his violent rhetoric.

The encampment at Columbia has been among the most militant of the dozens that have spring up at university campuses across the nation, with pro-terror and antisemitic rhetoric rampant.

A sign is displayed in front of the tents erected at the pro-Palestinian demonstration encampment at Columbia University in New York, Monday, April 22, 2024. (AP Photo/Stefan Jeremiah)

Jewish students report being harassed by participants and excluded from entry, so much so that a Columbia rabbi encouraged them to leave campus for their own safety. The Columbia encampment has also tried, without any authority to do so, to keep out journalists.

Last week, Columbia removed the encampment with the help of the New York Police Department (NYPD). The activists returned, and now the Columbia administration is negotiating, backing off deadlines for students to leave.

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