Swifties have grabbed their friendship bracelets and sequins and are ready for the battlefield. Courtney Love’s comments about Taylor Swift being unimportant and uninteresting have not sat well with her fandom, and they have trashed Love online.

X, formerly known as Twitter, has been flooded with hundreds of tweets calling out the “Miss Narcissist” singer’s remarks. One person shared, “I understand not being a fan of someone’s music but to denigrate it as well comes across as jealousy.” Some internet users had a bit more of a harsh approach as they had something to say about Love’s relevance. One user wrote, “Who? When was the last time Love was relevant in anything let alone music…” 

Swift’s successful career makes it clear how important she is, despite Love’s claims. One person said, “I guess the biggest artist in the world. The one with the most streams. The most sales. The biggest tour. The highest chart placements. The most impact. Is somehow…’not important.’ Okay Courtney…” The countless tweets about Love’s comments may be “Karma,” but Swift wasn’t the only artist the musician threw shade at. Love also took jabs at Lana Del Rey and Beyoncé, saying she doesn’t like the “Texas Hold ‘Em” singer’s music and isn’t a fan of the “Born to Die” musician. Perhaps Lana fans and the Beyhive will team up with Swifties in their takedown of Love as she has stirred up some major controversy.

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