When Ryan Seacrest was younger, having kids wasn’t a priority in his life. In fact, he previously admitted that he wasn’t sure if it was in the cards for him. As he got older, however, his mind started to change. Back in 2020, Seacrest said that happened for him after Halloween. “It was weird because you know Halloween changed me. I said a few weeks ago I’m not so into it and then I saw some of my friends’ kids get excited about it and then I see my niece and she’s so beautiful,” he said on his radio show, “On Air With Ryan Seacrest.” “I would never in a million years — actually if you asked me when I was 40 a few years ago, ‘Do you want kids?’ [I’d say] ‘I don’t know’ — and now, all of a sudden, all I can think about is, ‘Wow, how do I do that? I’m getting older. What are the options?'” he explained.

Seacrest is in a relationship with Aubrey Paige, whom he’s been dating since 2021. Paige is one of five siblings, though it’s unclear if she’d like to have a family of her own.

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