THIS latest optical illusion will leave even the most observant puzzlers baffled as they scramble to find the answers.

Everyone can see the woman’s face, but you need the IQ of a genius to spot the 11 different animals hiding away somewhere in this image.

Can you find the 11 animals hiding in this optical illusion?


Can you find the 11 animals hiding in this optical illusion?Credit: The Post

This mind-boggling illusion has more to it than first meets the eye and the longer you look, the more you might discover.

You might have spotted the face of the woman straight away, but you might have missed something that’s right in front of your eyes.

You will need the perfect eyesight and concentration to figure out the answer to this puzzle.

Once onlookers move past the human faces, it’s easy to spot the elephant and the tiger.

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The tricky part is spotting all of the animals – some of which are carefully tucked away in the silhouettes of others.

If you’re struggling to find all of the animals, then we have a little hint for you to narrow down your search.

The animals you’re looking for in this image include an elephant, two pigeons, two fish, a crane, a swan, a cow, a rabbit, a snake and a wolf.

This puzzle has been made particularly tricky through the lack of colours throughout the image.

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The artistic detailing that has gone into this illusion offers the perfect camouflage for the animals, as your eyes find it hard to focus on any one object.

Have you found all 11 of the images yet?

Unusual optical illusion reveals your biggest fears – but it all depends on what you see in the picture first

If you’d like some more help, try breaking the image down into several sections. Then search each section slowly, one at a time.

The main thing you can learn from this puzzle is how your brain and vision coordinate.

Brain teasers like this are for people who enjoy challenging their creative thinking with fun games and puzzles.

Did you know that optical illusions like this have an array of positive influences on your mind and well-being?

How can optical illusions and brainteasers help me?

Engaging in activities like solving optical illusions and brainteasers can have many cognitive benefits as it can stimulate various brain regions.

Some benefits include:

  • Cognitive stimulation: Engaging in these activities challenges the brain, promoting mental agility and flexibility.
  • Problem-solving skills: Regular practice enhances analytical thinking and problem-solving abilities.
  • Memory improvement: These challenges often require memory recall and can contribute to better memory function.
  • Creativity: They encourage thinking outside the box, fostering creativity and innovative thought processes.
  • Focus and attention: Working on optical illusions and brainteasers requires concentration, contributing to improved focus.
  • Stress relief: The enjoyable nature of these puzzles can act as a form of relaxation and stress relief.

So you might wanna try The Sun’s wide range of optical illusions created to stimulate the deepest parts of your brain.

Try testing your eyesight with this perplexing image that tasks you to find the hidden newspaper

Another mind-bending illusion challenges readers to find the hidden body part in this terrifying image of a shark.

Or, get into the Spring spirit with this floral-themed puzzle where you are asked to single out the flower with a missing petal.

Back to our challenge – did you spot all 11 animals by now?


The answers have been highlighted in the image at the end of the page for you to check.

Don’t be disheartened if you didn’t succeed – there’s three bonus puzzles for you to try below.

Did you find all 11 animals?


Did you find all 11 animals?Credit: The Post
Can you spot the snake among the shrubbery?


Can you spot the snake among the shrubbery?
There it is! The sneaky snake hiding in the grass


There it is! The sneaky snake hiding in the grass
Can you find the hidden animal?


Can you find the hidden animal?
There it is!


There it is!
Can you spot the little cat among the spring flowers?


Can you spot the little cat among the spring flowers?
The kitten is highlighted above


The kitten is highlighted above

Source: Sun

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