Julie Chrisley has more than just a prison sentence on her mind, but her health as well. In an episode of the “Unlocked” podcast in March 2024, Savannah revealed that her mother shared some scary news after visiting a prison doctor.

During the episode, the reality star read one of Julie’s letters, in which her mother detailed asking to have her blood pressure taken, but was refused. “‘Well at this point, I’m more valuable to my family dead than alive, so oh well,'” the mother of three wrote. Savannah explained that her mother has high blood pressure, but she was ultimately called to the doctor to discuss her human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) levels. According to Health Direct, HCG refers to a type of hormone typically found during pregnancy. Julie scored exceedingly high on the chart, which could amount to an even more serious problem.

“‘Since [pregnancy is] not a possibility, it could be a sign of a tumor,'” read Julie’s letter to Savannah. “‘I literally fell apart. How can this be happening?'” The podcast host shared that her mother plans to get blood work done and complete more scans to determine what’s going on. “‘I’m so scared. I just want my husband, I don’t know if I can do this without him,'” continued Julie. “This right here is a perfect example of the lack of health care that you receive in the system,” Savannah said. “They don’t care.”

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