PALM BEACH, Florida — Former President Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for president in 2024, told Breitbart News exclusively that the primary drivers of demographic shifts in the electorate where women and minority voters are leaving Democrats to side with him are “safety and security.”

Trump told Breitbart News in a more than 90-minute long exclusive interview last week here at his luxurious seaside resort and club Mar-a-Lago that polls are showing “numbers we’ve never seen” before with women, black, and Hispanic voters.

Asked what is driving the demographic shifts away from Democrats to him and Republicans among these groups, Trump said, “Safety and security, more than anything else.”

Trump said that “lunatic” Democrat President Joe Biden and broader Democrat policies are making women and minority voters less safe.

“They don’t feel safe with this lunatic,” Trump said. “He’s a terrible president. He’s the worst president in history. He’s the most incompetent and most corrupt president we’ve ever had. He’s willing to weaponize the Justice Department to go after his opponent. Nobody ever thought that was ever going to be happening in our country. It happens in a lot of countries in the third world, banana republics. But nobody ever thought they’d see that. But above all, I believe they want security. They don’t want people knocking on their door, saying, ‘We’re taking over your house.’ That’s really where we’re heading. We’re heading to a nation like we’ve never seen before.”

Trump is absolutely right that there are major swings happening in these key demographics away from Biden and Democrats toward him and Republicans. While Biden won women voters by 11 points in 2020 over Trump, New York Times polling shows Trump erasing that advantage entirely and that Trump has pulled even with Biden into a dead-on tie among women voters.

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The New York Times/Siena College poll in question, released in March, shows Trump drawing even with Biden among women and making serious gains among black and Hispanic voters.

“The poll offers an array of warning signs for the president about weaknesses within the Democratic coalition, including among women, Black and Latino voters,” the Times’ Shane Goldmacher wrote about the survey.

When it comes to Hispanic voters, look no further than a recent headline in the Economist magazine: “Joe Biden’s Weakness Among Latinos Threatens His Re-election.” In the piece, the magazine reveals that Trump made significant gains in the Hispanic community from 2016 to 2020, and “if current polling is anything to go by, Mr Trump looks set to cut further into Mr Biden’s margins with Latino voters come November.”

With black voters, it might be even worse for Biden and better for Trump on the margins. Al Jazeera, of all places, recently published a major piece questioning why Trump is making big gains here. The story notes that, according to exit polls in 2016, Trump won about eight percent of the black vote, the highest for a Republican in decades. “By the 2020 US presidential election, support for Trump among Black voters had surged to 12 percent,” Al Jazeera’s Dwayne Oxford wrote. “And, while current opinion polls vary, a recent survey from GenForward shows that if the elections were held today, 17 percent of Black voters would vote for Donald Trump while 20 percent said they would vote for someone other than Trump or Biden.”

As Trump told Breitbart News, he believes it’s all about “safety and security.” He also thinks, as he expanded on during his interview with Breitbart News, that a key factor driving these sentiments in these demographics is the record levels of migration that Biden and his Democrat administration are facilitating into the country and the problems that come with millions more people here than otherwise would have been in the country.

“We have, I believe, 15 million more people in here,” Trump told Breitbart News. “Many of them came out of jails, prisons, and many of them came out of mental institutions, and — as I say it in the speeches — insane asylums. You have many terrorists coming into our country. We’re going to pay a big price for this. This is a bomb waiting to explode. We’re going to be paying a big price for this. I say my campaign and my policies are based on common sense. They happen to be conservative policies, but I say to a large extent being conservative is based on common sense. Who would allow a wall not to be built? And they say, ‘No we don’t need a wall; we’ll send little things up in the air.’ To what? To watch people come in? All they do is watch people come in. We’re going to have 15 million people come in here, and probably do about now — it could be 18 to 20 million people by the end of his term. Eighteen to 20 million people. That’s bigger than New York State. That’s bigger than almost every state in the union.”

These record numbers, Trump said, affect everyone’s everyday lives among people who would rather not be bothered by politics — and as such, it is waking them up and turning them his way. What is more, Trump noted many of the people coming from other nations throughout Latin America and the rest of the world through Biden’s open border are bad people.

“These countries are not allowing their best and their finest to come — they want to keep them,” Trump said. “These are not stupid people. They’re very streetwise and smart people, the leaders of those countries. They’re not allowing the people who have been the beacon of working to come. But in addition to that, they’re emptying their prisons and their mental institutions into our country, and terrorists are also coming in. This is a disaster. You say, ‘How could this be possible?’ I think we may win places nobody ever thought of before. I’m going to play in New York, and nobody thought we could do it, but I have friends in New York who are Democrats that hate the Democrats now. They said they’ve ruined our city. They destroyed it. They ruined it by having 500,000 migrants taking over the parks. Kids can’t play little league anymore. It sounds like a very mundane thing that they can’t play little league anymore, they can’t play football anymore — they can’t go for a walk in the park — but it’s a very big thing in terms of life.”

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