At the weekend people in Germany can pack their heavy rain coats and boots away and replace them with summer sandals and attire.

But first, they can brace themselves for more grey skies and rainy weather: Thursday kicked off with heavy clouds, and thunderstorms and heavy showers are likely to develop in the afternoon with a maximum of 13 to 17C around the Bundesrepublik, according to the German Weather Service (DWD).

DWD also warned of strong to stormy gusts – first in the mountains and then in the afternoon at lower altitudes. Stronger showers could even bring powerful wind squalls with speeds of up to 85 kilometres per hour. 

But the storms will gradually subside at night, according to DWD.

Friday is set to be clear yet cloudy with the mercury reaching a maximum of 19 to 23C. Thicker clouds will gather again in the afternoon. There could be light rain and isolated showers in places. 

Unusually warm weekend 

According to the DWD, it will be dry and unusually warm at the weekend. 

Saturday is set to be bright to sunny with the mercury climbing  to a maximum of 25 to 30C. Sahara dust – still present from the previous weekend – could cloud the sunshine somewhat.

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According to DWD, the weather already marks an far-above average high, with typical temperatures usually ranging from 10 to 14C at the beginning of April.

Particularly warm air is moving in from western Germany, with southern Germany in particular set to sizzle. Freiburg could crack the 30C mark as could some parts of Bavaria, reported


“This has never happened before,” said meteorologist Michaela Koschak.

The previous record for high April temperatures was set in 2018, which could now be surpassed.

This February and March already marked the warmest months in Germany in recorded history. Last month saw an average temperature of 7.5C, or 4C higher than what was recorded in an international reference period.

According to the forecast, Sunday will only be slightly cooler with temperatures up to 26C and mostly clear skies. However, there could be showers in north-western Germany in the afternoon.

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