Hunter Biden’s defense, led by Attorney Abbe D. Lowell, is adamant, however, that Biden was not under the influence of drugs when he purchased the gun in October 2018. “There may be high-functioning alcoholics, but there’s no such thing as a high-functioning crack addict,” Lowell told the jurors during opening statements, as reported by NBC News.

Still, there’s no doubt that Kathleen Buhle’s testimony could prove damaging to Biden. “He wasn’t himself” Buhle said about her then-husband’s demeanor via the New York Times. She added that he would get easily angered while attempting to hide his drug use from loved ones. 

Buhle even confessed that she got in the habit of searching their family vehicles for any drugs or drug paraphernalia to make sure the couple’s three children “were not driving a car with drugs in it.” As reported by the New York Post, Buhle claimed that she continued to search the family vehicles from July 2015 until 2019 — months after Biden and Buhle bitterly divorced — and noted that she did, in fact, find drugs on more than one occasion. But that’s not all. Buhle also noted that there were times in which she noticed her former husband was high while others did not, which disputed Lowell’s notion that Biden could not function amid his use of crack cocaine.

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