A Las Vegas wedding may not be everyone’s idea of romantic, but, for Jocelyn Hudon, it was perfect. “When I went to university, I met this girl who told me it was her dream to do a Vegas wedding and that always stuck with me,” she told ET in March 2022. Eloping actually killed two birds with one stone, as Jake Manley and Hudon both had a busy year with work. “I was in the middle of filming three movies back to back,” she said.

But they wanted to make it work. They looked at the calendar and noticed Hudon’s favorite holiday was coming up. “We realized that Halloween — my favorite day ever — was on a Sunday, so I could fit it in my filming schedule… and then it snowballed from there,” she added. On October 31, 2021, Manley and Hudon, clad in black, said “I do” before a zombie Elvis impersonator, seen above. Even though they planned it in about a day, plenty of their loved ones flew down to witness the special moment.

While unconventional, Hudon has no regrets about any of it. “It was low maintenance for us and our guests, and definitely unique,” she said. Since then, Hudon and Manley are enjoying married life alongside their Goldendoodle, Rupert, who has both of them wrapped around his paw. “We all know I’m the star here,” they captioned a photo featuring the three together shared to Rupert’s own Instagram page.

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