Haason Reddick, Eagles

Getty Former Philadelphia Eagles pass rusher Haason Reddick walking off of an NFL field.

The New York Jets are catching a lot of heat on social media for its handling of the Haason Reddick situation.

Gang Green traded for the veteran pass rusher in a deal with the Philadelphia Eagles this offseason knowing that he only had one year left on his deal. Several people outside of the organization expected the Jets to give a new long-term deal to Reddick.

However, that wasn’t the plan according to Connor Hughes of SNY.

“What is interesting about this current situation is that when the Jets traded for Haason Reddick they made it very clear to him that they were not going to re-do his contract before the year. He was going to play out on this deal and then they were going to reassess where things were after the season. If Reddick played as the Jets expected him to, he was going to get that mega money extension either from the Jets which the Jets were hoping for, or elsewhere,” Hughes explained. “[Reddick] was on board with that. So much so that multiple sources inside the building who talk to Reddick said that he told them that his plans were to attend the offseason program and minicamp. Well, something changed obviously between now and then because he has skipped all of the offseason program and now he’s a no-show for minicamp. So this is absolutely something worth monitoring moving forward because the Jets really have no idea when Reddick is going to show up.”

Here’s more on why the #Jets were surprised by Haason Reddick’s absence, and why the hysteria with Aaron Rodgers’ is silly.

New Information Sheds a Different Light on Jets-Reddick

That new information totally changes the perception of the Reddick deal.

Instead of the Jets appearing clueless, as it has been portrayed in the media, New York set the tone immediately regarding expectations for how things would play out

The question that now remains is what the heck changed from the end of March to now in June? Something must have happened because Reddick skipped all of the voluntary OTAs and mandatory minicamp in June.

Head coach Robert Saleh said he spoke with Reddick this week but he hadn’t spoken with him before that since his introductory press conference in early April.

After this week there will be a 40-day gap of time between this mandatory minicamp and the next time the Jets convene for training camp.

That should be plenty of time for Reddick and the Jets to figure out their differences.

Analyst Slams the Panic Meter for Jets

Moe Moton of Bleacher Report set the panic meter for all of the potential NFL training camp holdouts we should be keeping an eye out for.

For the Jets-Reddick situation, Moton put it at a “6” on a 1 to 10 scale calling it “awkward.”

“One would think that the Jets reached an agreement on contractual issues as part of the trade deal. Typically, clubs acquire players and almost immediately sign them to extensions if the player wants a new deal,” Moton explained. “With one non-guaranteed year left on his contract, the Temple product isn’t likely to step on the field without an extension. The Jets are probably on the hook for whatever he wants after letting Huff walk and giving up draft capital for him. Our panic meter rises to a six because New York could have handled this transition from [Bryce] Huff to Reddick more seamlessly.”

New York has lost some leverage in this Reddick situation because they don’t have the same depth they did earlier this offseason. The green and white allowed Huff to leave in free agency and traded away John Franklin-Myers to the Denver Broncos.

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