The world of boxing is still very much divided after Netflix announced that Jake Paul is fighting Mike Tyson and the event will stream on their platform on July 20th. Outrage over Tyson’s advanced age is the most prevalent feeling amongst boxing fans but there is also a large part of them who believe Mike will knock the crap out of Jake Paul. The Youtuber’s fans obviously back him to win the fight against a legend and some even dare say he will get the knock out. For many, this age difference is too large to ignore and Mike Tyson has been struggling with body pain issues for years. Plus, any type of head traume reacts differently on an elderly gentleman compared to a young man. Rules need to be applied to this fight but they haven’t been made official yet. These are only the proposed rules if the match is an exhibition.

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Proposed rules for the Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson fight

Boxing fans are a little outraged after the new proposed rules for the Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson fight have been released. When the former heavyweight champ returned to activity, he and Roy Jones Jr., fought for 8 rounds and there wasn’t a declared winner. It was a draw and both men seemed quite tired right after the fight. First we have the glove size, which will be 16 oz instead of the usual 16 oz gloves. That makes sense, none of the two fighters should make any objections. Also, each of the 8 rounds that were agreed will last 2 minutes instead of 3. So far, it doesn’t look like that will make much of a difference.

But here is where the proposed rules get a little absurd. There will be no official judges for this fight, according to the official ruling. Another rule is that no winner will be declared after the fight ends unless there is a knock out. Last but not least, each fighter needs to pass an EEG and EKG test before the fight. This will ensure that no fighter will abuse any type of steroids near the date of the vent. Fans are outrages at these rules because they won’t feel like anything is at stake. But people need to stop putting Mike Tyson on a pedestal, the man is still pushing 58 years of age. What do you think about these rules for the July 20 event?

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