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With the playoffs right around the corner, the Boston Celtics will need a roster with a clean bill of health. That includes Jaylen Brown, who has been dealing with an injury lately.

After the Celtics beat the Oklahoma City Thunder on April 3, Brown revealed the full details of his latest injury.

“I think I got a sprain or a strain in a ligament in my hand, but I think it’s fine,” Brown said, per Noa Dalzell’s X account. “It’s something I’m not concerned with moving forward. It bothered me a little bit tonight, but part of it is working through it, playing through it, because it gives you a little bit more information down the line if things were to get any worse, but I think it’s nothing to be concerned about.”

The Celtics clinched homecourt advantage throughout the playoffs with their win over the Thunder. Brown made it sound like his injury is not serious, but the Celtics can afford to rest him for the rest of the regular season should they deem it necessary.

Brown also does not have to worry about playing enough games to qualify for accolades such as All-NBA and All-Defense. Since he’s played 67, he met the 65-game criteria to qualify.

Al Horford Vouches for Jaylen Brown’s All-Defense Campaign

Horford believes his Celtics teammate has a case to make an NBA All-Defense team. In fact, Horford made his case for Brown to make the team.

Al Horford with a strong endorsement for Jaylen Brown: “Being very unbiased, very clear, he’s First Team All-Defense.”

“He wants the responsibility on the defensive end,” Horford told reporters, per Celtics.com’s Taylor Snow’s X account. “A lot of people may say they want those challenges, but he’s facing all types of different players. He’s guarding Stephen Curry, he’s guarding Zion (Williamson), just different guys that he has to match up against. Being very unbiased, very clear, he’s First Team All-Defense… He deserves to be in that position”

Horford himself has made an NBA All-Defense Team during his second season with the Celtics in 2018. Brown has never made it, but he has received other accolades like the All-Star team and All-NBA.

Jaylen Brown Sends Cryptic Message

Before the Celtics played the Thunder, Brown took to his personal X account to post a rather cryptic message: “You might not appreciate it now, but you will in time.”

Brown did not elaborate on what he was talking about, but it may be related to the Celtics’ being as good as they were during the 2023-24 season. The Celtics have clinched homecourt advantage throughout the playoffs for the first time since winning the title in 2008 and may potentially be the only team that wins 60 games.

He has sent cryptic messages before that would appear to refer to the Celtics. When the Celts struggled to keep their heads above water in 2022, he posted on his X account that “The energy is about to shift.”

The energy is about to shift

The Celtics then went from fighting for the play-in to the No. 2 seed in the Eastern Conference standings, which led to them making the NBA Finals. The Celtics have been playing at a historic level this season. Brown may be telling fans that as great as the times have been, they should appreciate it because it won’t last forever.

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