Zooey Deschanel, Jonathan Scott

Heavy/Getty Zooey Deschanel, Jonathan Scott

So many fans and reporters have been asking HGTV star Jonathan Scott when he and Zooey Deschanel plan to get married, the home improvement expert decided to finally announce the date — sort of.

In a video posted to Instagram on April 8, 2024, Scott stood outside waiting to see the moon’s shadow while sharing a series of messages regarding their wedding plans, typed on paper as Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart” played in the background. The stunt was in honor of the first total solar eclipse in seven years, according to the New York Times, which caused daylight to turn to temporary darkness across a large swath of North America.

Scott’s clever social media post left his HGTV friends rolling with laughter, but everyone’s still in the dark about his and Deschanel’s wedding plans.

Jonathan Scott Posted a Tongue in Cheek Video to Answer the Questions Everyone Keeps Asking

Since getting engaged in Scotland in August 2023, Scott and Deschanel have grown used to being asked when and where they’re going to get married. On March 10, they told Entertainment Tonight that they hadn’t found time to plan anything yet. In fact, they only details they knew for sure is that Deschanel’s two kids will be involved somehow and Scott will wear a kilt to honor his Scottish heritage.

Likely tired of having to tell people that they don’t know when or where they’ll tie the knot, Scott made fun of the situation with his April 8 video. In the caption, he wrote, “I’m only saying this once…💍”

The first piece of paper he held up for the camera said, “As the full eclipse is a ‘once in a lifetime’ moment…”

“I wanted to take this opportunity to give you some ‘once in a lifetime’ news,” the next page said.

After taking a deep breath, Scott moved on to the third sheet, which said, “I’ve decided to share when and where Zooey & I are getting married.”

“After a ton of discussion,” the fourth sheet said, “weighing all the possibilities, we’ve decided it has to be…”

As Scott brought forth the fifth piece of paper, a huge shadow moved across the screen — as if the total eclipse was happening in the moment — and made it so dark that Scott nor the sheet of paper could be seen for several seconds.

As the sun supposedly reappeared, he smiled big and shared the final sheet of paper, which said, “…which I know you’ll agree is perfect.”

Most of Jonathan Scott’s HGTV Friends & Fans Played Along With His Wedding Date Joke — But There Were Some Frustrated Followers

zooey deschanel and jonathan scottzooey deschanel and jonathan scott

GettyZooey Deschanel and Jonathan Scott in March 2023.

Scott’s eclipse day prank was a hit with his HGTV peers, including “100 Day Dream Home” star Brian Kleinschmidt, who jokingly suggested he and Deschanel honeymoon at colleagues Bryan and Sarah Bauemler’s resort in the Bahamas.

He wrote, “😆 Well Played! Have you considered @caerulamar ?💪🏼💯 I know some people… 😉”

“Help! I Wrecked My House” star Jasmine Roth quipped, “Hahahaha love it!”

Scott’s twin brother Drew jokingly approved of the unseen wedding plans and wrote, “Great choice.”

“Battle on the Beach” star Taniya Nayak played along too, writing, “Oooh love that spot!”

The vast majority of fans also got the joke, posting laughing emoji or notes about how tickled they were by the prank. But a few people were thrown for a loop, including multiple disappointed followers who wrote things like, “No fair!!!!”

Someone else wrote, “Can’t see it 😤😤😤” and another follower complained, “Ridiculous post”

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