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Katie Maloney issued a response to Lala Kent’s claims about off-camera conversations they allegedly had about Ariana Madix.

During the first part of the “Vanderpump Rules” reunion that aired May 14, 2024, Kent claimed that Maloney vented to her about her Madix amid delays for the launch of Something About Her, the upcoming West Hollywood sandwich shop the two are set to open on May 22. The Bravo co-stars have been working on their business venture since late 2021. But in the aftermath of Tom Sandoval’s shocking cheating scandal, his ex, Madix, was given opportunities that took her out of town in the middle of the planning for the sandwich shop.

On her Instagram story on May 14, 2024, Maloney posted a message that was clearly aimed at Kent.

“I’m someone who has suffered from imposter syndrome for as long as I have known myself. Hence why I was apprehensive about opening the sandwich shop on my own,” Maloney wrote. “So, when Ariana was going through not only a world of hurt but also getting some amazing opportunities that changed a lot of things during a pivotal time, I was extremely sensitive to what she was going through but also very supportive. I was also dealing with my immense insecurity about what I could take on and simply didn’t want to put that on her.”

“I had an emotional response that didn’t feel appropriate bringing to her front door. So I went to where I felt safe,” she continued.  “Or where I thought was safe. Until I could find the appropriate conversation to have with Ariana. Which of course I did. And we have had plenty of since.”

In a separate story, Maloney added. “To know me is to know that I value trust, loyalty and integrity.”

Lala Kent Claimed Maloney Vented to Her About Ariana Madix

Lala Kent, Katie Maloney, Ariana MadixLala Kent, Katie Maloney, Ariana Madix

PeacockLala Kent, Katie Maloney, Ariana Madix

Madix was booked and busy following Scandoval. She spent the fall of 2023 competing on “Dancing With the Stars,”  then spent months in New York City to star on Broadway in “Chicago.”

At the time, a source told The Sun that Madix’s busy schedule left Maloney holding the bag with the sandwich shop. “Ariana is not really involved right now. Everything has pretty much been left on Katie, and she can’t do it alone,” the insider said in January 2024.

During the season 11 reunion, Kent got into it with Maloney over a DM she allegedly sent to her before throwing her under the bus with Madix. Kent claimed that Maloney acted differently on camera than off.

“We both had conversations about this,” Kent said to Maloney. “It was that [Ariana] basically abandoned you in this sandwich shop. This time last year you said she wasn’t caught up on her rent for the sandwich shop. I know what I am talking about.”

Maloney and Madix both appeared taken aback by Kent’s comments. Maloney awkwardly admitted that she wasn’t given notice about Madix’s “Chicago” role, which took her business partner out of town for months in early 2024.  “That was the one time I wish I would’ve gotten a little bit of a heads up, because I didn’t find out about the Broadway thing until it was happening,” Maloney admitted. “OK, that would’ve been nice to know. The issues I was having were because of my own insecurities.”

Kent then accused Maloney of acting differently about Madix “when the cameras go up” versus what they talked about in off-camera telephone conversations.

She also alleged that Maloney went off on her during one of their phone calls about Madix. “You lost your mind,” Kent said of a conversation in which she advised Maloney to tell Madix how she was feeling.  “You said, ‘I’m not going to say these things, because I’ve invested a lot of money in this sandwich shop.’”

Maloney admitted that she went to Kent because she didn’t want to burden Madix. “I came to you because I didn’t want to go to her with the [expletive] drama,” she said. “I didn’t want to guilt her, I went to one of my other friends to vent about it. But if you’re not someone I can confide in with that [expletive] then I’ll go to somebody else. I didn’t want to take it to her.”

Lala Kent Said Katie Maloney Wasn’t ‘Honest’ On Camera

Lala KentLala Kent

PeacockLala Kent.

Kent elaborated on her beef with Maloney on the “Vanderpump Rules Aftershow” on May 15. The Give Them Lala Beauty founder claimed she butted heads with Maloney all season because Maloney “was not very honest this season.”

Kent accused Maloney of “shying away” from certain conversations on camera, including an alleged conversation they had about Madix continuing to live in the same house as Sandoval following his affair with Raquel Leviss.

“She had said many times that Ariana needed to be out of that house. That there was no reason that she should be in that house still,” Kent claimed on the Aftershow. “And then when cameras picked up, it was like the complete opposite. Everything Ariana was saying made perfect sense to Katie.”

Kent also alleged that Maloney claimed she was “the only one doing” the work for the sandwich shop. She also claimed Maloney complained that Madix was “always late on her half of the rent.”

“I’m like, we’ve had discussions, you and I, Katie, about the group of bobbleheads that Ariana and Tom surround themselves with. They both do. And now you’ve turned into one,” Kent cracked. She acknowledged that Maloney was likely “very worried about rocking the boat when she has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars” into the sandwich shop with Madix.

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