Not all aspects of Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos’ lives are glamorous. The Live With Kelly and Mark cohosts opened up about their unsexy nighttime routine during an episode of the talk show on Wednesday, March 27.

“It’s great because the two of us, we come here to work and we’re like, ‘Oh, look at you, look at you.’ Because last night when we gave each other a kiss goodnight, I had my retainer in and I had all my creams on — like, I’m slimy,” Kelly, 52, told Live viewers. “When I go to bed, you can slip right off me. I had my creams on and I had my retainer in. And then he’s got his nasal magnets on.”

Mark, 51, sat in agreement with his wife of 28 years as she went on about how their nightly routine used to be a lot sexier when they were younger.

“We should do a taped piece of us just getting [ready] for bed,” the Emmy winner said. “Because it is, and I don’t want to brag, pretty much the least sexy thing I’ve ever seen.”

They finished off the chat with Kelly remarking that they’re “not the sexiest people, but we were hot for each other and things looked hotter.” The pair got married in 1996, and their love has only gotten stronger since then!

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos nighttime routine
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

It’s obvious that no topic is off limits for the All My Children alums, which is clear from their unfiltered conversations on Live. When Mark asked Kelly if she showered “the normal way” or “the other way,” she had an interesting answer.

“If you’re a woman, and I’m going to speak to the ladies here, and you don’t want to get your hair wet because you’re trying to extend your blowout and your hair salon appointment, that thing is the devil,” Kelly, who shares kids Michael, Lola and Joaquin with Mark, said during an episode of the talk show in December 2023. “I haven’t showered a normal way in 15 years.”

“So, I come in, I face it, I turn around, do my work, [and] turn around,” Kelly explained of how she takes a shower. Mark, who likes taking very cold showers, also shared that he uses the same showering method as his wife, quipping, “That means we’re not sociopaths.”

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