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Heavy Anne Heche’s estate faces millions in claims.

The remaining estate of a former Hallmark star is not large enough to cover the debts left behind after the entertainer’s death. Anne Heche died in August 2022 at the age of 53 after a car crash.

Heche’s son, Homer Laffoon, has been in charge of managing her estate. According to People on April 23, Laffoon filed documents in court indicating outstanding debts amount to more than the estate is worth.

Here’s what you need to know:

Several Creditors Have Filed Claims Against Anne Heche’s Estate

People reviewed the court documents regarding Heche’s estate. They report that Laffoon indicates the estate cannot yet be closed. The reasoning, the media outlet noted, ties to pending charges that cannot yet be fully paid.

Laffoon’s filing indicated Heche’s estate consists of a handful of assets. There is a “modest bank account” along with “tangible personal property items.”

In addition, the filing revealed, Heche’s estate receives “royalty payments and other residual income from pre-death projects.” There is also “a corporation in which the Decedent was the sole shareholder (used for projects in development and business functions related to Decedent’s career in the entertainment industry.”

Another estate asset is “an LLC membership interested related to a podcast Decedent helped create.” The full value of the estate has not been fully determined, according to People.

A number of Heche’s assets are still being appraised. The assets that have been appraised amount to a value of $110,000.

Multiple claims have been made against Heche’s estate. People indicated seven creditors filed claims against Heche’s estate. The total of the seven claims is over $6 million.

Heche’s Son Administering the Estate Is Working to Negotiate Settlements

People reported the family whose home Heche crashed into initiated a $2 million claim against the estate. The woman who rented the house and lost her belongings in the crash filed a separate $2 million claim against Heche’s estate.

A third claim for $2 million has been filed against Heche’s estate. Details on who made the claim do not seem to be available.

In addition, as People reported in November 2022, Heche’s ex Thomas Jane filed a claim of about $150,000 against the estate. The media outlet reviewed Jane’s court filing where he alleged Heche had borrowed $157,000 from him. Most of that loan was still outstanding when she died.

Us Weekly added additional details on April 24 after reviewing the filing. “Based on the anticipated value of the combined Inventories and Appraisals and the filed creditor claims, the Estate is insolvent,” the paperwork indicates.

In addition, the media outlet noted of the paperwork, Laffoon’s “actively engaged in attempts to negotiate appropriate settlements of the claims” against the estate. Us Weekly also shared the filing indicated, “Administrator is cautiously optimistic that the creditor claims can all be resolved fairly and without litigation.”

On August 5, 2022, Heche crashed her Mini Cooper into a home in Los Angeles, California. Her representative initially indicated she was “in stable condition” after the accident, Us Weekly noted.

However, she fell into a coma a week later. Doctors declared Heche legally dead on August 12. The family removed her from life support two days later.

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