MEET the world’s richest cat who has a staggering net worth of £84million and rakes in £12,000 per Instagram post.

Nala is now rolling in money but she comes from humble beginnings and started her life in an animal shelter.

This is Nala, the world's richest cat


This is Nala, the world’s richest catCredit: nala_cat
Nala has a net worth of £84million


Nala has a net worth of £84millionCredit: nala_cat
She also has more than four million Instagram followers and makes £12,000 per post


She also has more than four million Instagram followers and makes £12,000 per postCredit: nala_cat

Nala’s owner, Pookie, fell in love with her at first sight while visiting the rescue centre in Los Angeles.

The adorable feline is not only mega wealthy but is also famous and boasts an army of more than four million loyal Instagram followers.

Nala has an astounding 7,000 Instagram posts, so divided by her fortune of £80million that’s an average of £12,000 per post.

Speaking on This Morning Pookie, who’s real name is Varisiri Mathachittiphan, explained that in 2012 she decided to start sharing their adventures on Instagram. 

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She said: “I think she was the very first cat on the internet to pose as herself, as if she is the one talking and I think that’s one of the reasons people kind of liked it, it created her personality and she’s just really cute.”

The Siamese/tabby mix has since inspired a cat food brand and has launched her own range of merchandise, earning her owner a whopping £84million.

Nala also holds the Guinness World Record for the most followed cat on Instagram and won TikToker of the year, pipping four humans to the post. 

When Pookie was asked how much work goes into the social media accounts she said: “It has been my full time job ever since I started which is also one of the reasons it is still growing.

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“Because I really dedicate my time building a community where people can share their thoughts and support each other.

Speaking about Nala’s brand identity and her net worth the owner said she is still in “disbelief.”

She explained: “To this day I’m still in this belief, I didn’t think I would ever be here, even talking to you people on television in the UK, I am so thankful for everything that happened and I think it all happened for a reason.”

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And not only did Nala help Pookie pursue her dreams but she also helped her find love.

“My partner and I met through Instagram at that time when I first started her account and I started ordering bow ties.

“That’s how I met Shannon, at the time she adopted two of her nieces, they were five and six back then and she had to quit her full time job to take care of them.

“She started sowing her own cat bow ties and selling them on Etsy and I asked her could I buy 50 bow ties to sell wholesale, that’s how we met,” Pookie said.

The owner now uses Nala’s account to spread awareness for animal welfare and raising money for animal charities. 


She added: “When Nala picked me at the shelter, I think she was telling us that she wanted us to help other animals at the shelter, so from the first day we started it’s been one of our main goals.

“With the company we work with we try and add in a request for donations for shelters.”

She regularly delights her fans with cute snaps


She regularly delights her fans with cute snapsCredit: nala_cat
Nala's owner adopted her from an animal shelter


Nala’s owner adopted her from an animal shelterCredit: nala_cat
Nala has her own range of merchandise and inspired a cat food range


Nala has her own range of merchandise and inspired a cat food rangeCredit: nala_cat

World’s richest dog

MEET the richest dog in the world, Gunther IV, who inherited a whopping £300million after his owner died – or so we thought.

The spoilt German shepherd has spent his life living in luxury and even owned a huge Miami mansion where Madonna once lived.

He also has a villa in the Bahamas, has run football clubs in Italy and gets driven around by a chauffeur in his convertible BMW or goes out on a mega yacht at sea.

And when the lucky pooch gets home from a long day of impressing the locals Gunther has a personal chef on hand to serve him steak dinners and 27 members of staff to care for his every want and need.

The dog became so famous that Netflix even released a four-part documentary telling the ins and outs of his ludicrous lifestyle and insane popularity.

Gunther’s team once claimed they were forced to use stunt doubles of the pup when they travelled the world after fears someone would target the dog for his millions.

However, the money is actually controlled by Italian entrepreneur and pharmaceutical heir Maurizio Mian.

The 66-year-old is the brains behind the dog’s success and is the CEO of The Gunther Corporation, and Gunther’s guardian.

The company uses Gunther as a figurehead for its investments.

Source: Sun

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