In a stunning turn of events, Muhammad Ali’s legendary fight-worn shorts from the historic Thrilla in Manila bout against Joe Frazier are up for auction, and the bidding has already reached jaw-dropping heights.

These iconic white trunks, adorned with black trim, have been signed by the boxing legend himself and are expected to fetch between $4 million and $6 million at Sotheby’s.

The Thrilla in Manila, the third and final fight of the epic Ali-Frazier trilogy, took place on October 1, 1975, in the Philippines. The fight, which Ali famously described as “the closest he had come to death,” was a brutal battle that pushed both fighters to their limits.

After 14 grueling rounds, Frazier’s trainer, Eddie Futch, made the difficult decision to withdraw his fighter before the final round, handing Ali the victory in one of the greatest fights in boxing history.

The auction will conclude on Apr 12

The significance of these shorts cannot be overstated. They are a symbol of Ali’s confidence and belief in himself, as evidenced by his choice to wear white shorts, a color often associated with victory. The listing on Sotheby’s describes the shorts as Ali’s” calling card,” a symbol of his unwavering self-belief and determination.

The auction for these historic shorts began on March 27 and will conclude on April 12. While there is already a bid of $3.8 million, the reserve has not yet been met, indicating that the final sale price could be even higher.

The honors do not stop for Ali

In addition to this exciting auction news, Ali will also be posthumously inducted into the WWEHall of Fame Class of 2024. The ceremony will take place during WrestleMania 40 weekend in Philadelphia, honoring Ali’s contributions to sports entertainment, including his memorable appearance as the special guest referee in the main event of the first WrestleMania.

Muhammad Ali’s legacy continues to inspire and captivate audiences around the world, and these iconic shorts are a tangible reminder of his incredible impact on the world of sports.

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