The 2024 MLB season is just getting started, but the beef between San Diego Padres fans and San Francisco Giants fans is already in midseason form. An ugly melee broke out in the concourse at Petco Park as multiple fights between fans were caught on video at the same time, leaving security scrambling to stop the violence.

MLB fan fight turns into Royal Rumble

At least four men were involved in the violent altercation. The video begins with two of them grappling on the ground. A third comes into frame ready to join the fight, but jumps right past them and lands a flying punch on an unsuspecting Padres fan in a pink and white No. 44 jersey.

The dramatic timing and camera work was like something straight out of WWE. As security arrived to the scene, video panned back to the original two men who were on the ground, now standing up and whaling on one another again.

Eventually, security got things under control. According to TMZ, who published the footage online, no word has emerged on if anyone suffered significant injuries or if any arrests were made.

More violence at Petco Park

It was not the only violent interaction at Petco Park during the NorCal vs SoCal rivalry series. The night before, a video went viral of a female Padres fan slapping a male Giants fan in the face before he shoved her back.

San Francisco and San Diego split the series 2-2. However, the rash of unnecessary violence in the stadium was of higher concern. Fans wish for a safe environment to take their families and enjoy a ball game, but too often these kind of videos make the headlines.

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