GOP Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky and Democratic Sen. Gary Peters of Michigan — the ranking member and chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, respectively — plan to conduct a probe into the national security risks pertaining to “high-risk biological research and technology in the U.S. and abroad,” according to a press release, which indicates that the oversight effort will involve investigation into the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Paul and Peters plan to hold hearings and conduct government-wide oversight on areas including high-risk life science research, biodefense, synthetic biology, biosafety and biosecurity lapses, early warning capabilities for emerging outbreaks or possible attacks, and potential origins of the COVID-19 pandemic,” the press release notes.

“This bipartisan oversight effort will assess and identify measures to mitigate longstanding and emerging risks and threats that may result in serious biological incidents – whether deliberate, accidental, or natural. The investigation will also seek to increase transparency and strengthen oversight of taxpayer-funded life sciences research, laboratories in the U.S. and abroad, and detection of biological threats,” the release adds.

Paul, who has served in the Senate since early 2011, has experience working as an ophthalmologist.

“It is well past time for the Senate to conduct a bipartisan inquiry into the origins of COVID-19, and, as part of this investigation, we finally will be holding Committee hearings to do just that,” Paul said, according to the press release. “In order to prevent a more catastrophic pandemic from occurring, we must understand the nature of US-funded biotechnology and hold accountable those who engage in risky gain-of-function research.”

“I’ve been banging on the doors of federal agencies for the past three years, relentlessly seeking information on COVID-19, but it’s been nothing short of a wild goose chase. To prevent repeating past mistakes, it’s crucial we fully comprehend the dangers of engaging in potentially hazardous bioresearch. This involves shining a spotlight on the gaping holes in oversight throughout the federal research processes and procedures,” Paul noted.

Blaze Media’s Steve Baker expressed support for the planned probe, writing in a post on X, “Sic ’em, @SenRandPaul !!”

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Source: TheBlaze

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