NSW get one last play. They throw everything at them. Penitani with space down the left. They swing back left.

Queensland scramble and there’s a knock-on. Maroons win. That’s one of the gutsiest wins you’ll ever see. Never looked like winning. Until they did. Incredible.

Sky Blues 10 Maroons 11

And now, the arm wrestle. Sound, wet weather football from both sides and Queensland now finishing stronger. Both sides kicking low and into the corner and then Caitlan Johnston gearing up for a big run… spills it. That’s tough.

Queensland with a real chance with less than three minutes. And Lauren Brown, she’s nailed a field goal. Defenders bearing down, into the breeze, in an absolute quagmire, that’s a hell of a play. Ninety seconds left.

Sky Blues 10 Maroons 11

And Tarryn Aiken drags it straight back. That’s what we’ve been waiting for. A tiring defence and she takes advantage at first receiver. Slipping across a flat footed defence, dummying to inside runners once, twice, thrice and then finds Yasmin Clydesdale.

Takes her on, breezes past on the outside and Lauren Brown nails the conversion.

We’re all tied up in Newcastle with seven minutes to play. Golden point anyone?

Sky Blues 10 Maroons 10

Jess Sergis. Stop it. It’s a pet play and she’s one of the best in the game. But still. Stop it. She’s stolen the ball one-on-one from Julia Robinson to send NSW on the attack.

And straight away Corban Baxter, with great vision and excellent execution, sends a cut-out ball skimming across to Tiana Penitani, who dives over in the corner.

Pearson falls on her backside trying to convert from the sideline but the Sky Blues edge their lead back out to six. Queensland with a short kick-off to regain possession straight away though.

Sky Blues 10 Maroons 4

Queensland, just try and keep them down. Classic stuff from the banana benders and Shenae Ciesiolka is in on the left edge. Ali Brigginshaw pulling the string in that one, pumping a cut out ball across the face of Isabelle Kelly as she’s dragged in and out of position.

A tough kick in the wind and rain for Lauren Brown and it swings away. NSW lead by two with 14 minutes left.

Sky Blues 6 Maroons 4

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