Ryan Garcia has been concerning fans for some time now before his fight versus David Haney that will take place on Saturday, April 20th. Garcia has been posting a lot of things on X, from saying he is Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend, to saying he gets hate from Mexicans for being Mexican-American now he’s claiming he is engaged to adult film actress Savannah Bond and that she is pregnant.

Ryan Garcia’s weird message about adult film star Savanah Bond

Ryan Garcia’s proposal to Playboy model Savannah Bond gets a concerning reaction

Now he is claiming that he is engaged with adult film model Savannah Bond and shared a weird message on X that is now deleted, but thanks to the Internet, we have it here.

After he posted the tweet and video, he received an enormous amount of backlash from Christian followers for dating an adult film star after Ryan had consistently spoken about Jesus and his preachings while also claiming that he knows more about the Quran than David Haney who is a Muslim.

This is not the first time that he’s shown erratic behavior, as we’ve reported constantly, he’s been posting wild things and acting weird online in another post where he claims that he knows how to cure cancer with a few days of fasting, drinking water and coffee.

Ryan has also mentioned that the reason he lost to Gervonta Davis was because of a hydration clause that made him not be 100% for the fight. “I was one of the best amateurs. I lost a fight against a guy who is possibly one of the best in the world Gervonta Davis, and had to lose weight and had to put in a rehydration clause,” he assured in public practice.

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