It’s pretty clear that while they have a close relationship, Derek and Julianne Hough had different experiences at Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts. However, one thing they’re both very clear on is that they are grateful for the experience. 

Speaking to OnStage Blog, Julianne explained, “There were hardships in London, but it made me who I am today.” She also shared that even with everything she faced, she was willing to push through the challenges to achieve her goals. “I was fearless and knew this is what I wanted,” she said. As for her take on parents who were reluctant to let their own kids dance, she told OK that she understood the concern. “You should want to protect your kids,” she said. However, she stressed that with the right communication and guidance, sometimes, kids, or at least teenagers, needed to be given the opportunity to make their own decisions. 

As for Derek, it’s pretty clear moving across the globe was the best decision he ever made — or, rather, that his parents let him make. Speaking to People, he shared that while he wasn’t surprised that many were shocked at his parents letting him and Julianne make such a big move on their own, he believed it was what set both of them up for success. “I think it’s great that they saw an amazing opportunity. That is the reason we are here today,” he gushed. It may have been an unorthodox childhood, but for the Houghs, it ended up working out. 

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