Following the win, Caitlin Clark seized the opportunity to set the record straight once and for all during her post-game interview. “Well, I think the first thing is I was never talking to my dad. I don’t know why people thought that,” she explained. “I think it’s kind of been the same story for me over the course of the two years. It’s like I know people are always watching. I know eyeballs are always on me. That’s kind of what happens when you are in the spotlight,” she maintained.

As for her dad’s public scolding? It appears she wasn’t fazed by that, either. “My dad is my biggest supporter. He’s literally my best friend and he was my first-ever basketball coach and somebody that has always been there,” she added. “People probably think my dad is super competitive because I am, but he’s never been that way. He’s like a chill, constant person in my life that I can always rely on.” She also noted that her dad had never missed one of her college basketball games. “For that, I’m forever thankful,” she concluded.

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