The nature of modern warfare is rapidly changing, and nations around the world are trying to harness the power of artificial intelligence to stay ahead, according to a recent report from Fox News Digital.

The report mentioned that software companies such as Palantir and Govini are behind the production and modernization of the most high-tech military weapon systems. Both companies were present at the second annual AI Expo for National Competitiveness in Washington to show off their developments to top military officials.

‘Our adversaries have a long tradition of being not interested in the rule of law, not interested in fairness, not interested in human rights and on the battlefield.’

Fox News Digital reported that they were able to see the technology and hold an interview with Palantir’s CEO and co-founder Alex Karp. His software is currently being used in Ukraine and the Middle East.

Karp said: “The way to prevent a war with China is to ramp up not just Palantir, but defense tech startups that produce software-defining weapons systems that scare the living F out of our adversaries.”

Karp appeared to present the situation as being stuck between a rock and a hard place. He noted that the U.S. will get a jump start on harnessing AI, or Russia and China will.

There has been growing anxiety and fear that AI could ultimately lead to killer robots, especially among American innovators. However, Karp insisted that the U.S. is ahead of its adversaries when it comes to AI and said that he wanted to help keep it that way.

“Our adversaries have a long tradition of being not interested in the rule of law, not interested in fairness, not interested in human rights and on the battlefield. It really is going to be us or them. … You do not want a world order where our adversaries try to define new norms. It would be very bad for the world, and it would be especially bad for America,” Karp said.

According to Palantir’s website, the company’s “AIP enables Defense organizations to responsibly, effectively and securely, activate the power of Large Language models and cutting edge AI to fulfill their most critical missions, on their private network, safely and securely.”

“By leveraging the latent power of organizational data alongside interfaces for intelligent, fast decision making, AIP provides next-generation tooling with industry leading guardrails, that’s driven by responsible core principals,” it continued.

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