Beyonce’s eighth studio album, “Cowboy Carter,” kicks off with her powerful track, “AMERIICAN REQUIEM.” Wasting no time tapping into her southern and country roots, Bey opens up the song with her impeccable vocal harmonies as she sings about the power and necessity of change. “Nothin’ really ends / For things to stay the same they have to change again / Hello, my old friend / You change your name but not the ways you play pretend,” she sings. As the song progresses, the music icon seemingly addresses criticism from the past regarding her song “Daddy Lessons” and the backlash she faced from fans and country figures over her 2016 CMA Awards performance.

“Can we stand for something? / Now is the time to face the wind (Ow) / Coming in peace and love, y’all / Oh, a lot of takin’ up space / Salty tears beyond my gaze / Can you stand me?” she croons as the production infuses the classic country sounds of a twangy guitar. While the beloved talent reflects on her bad experiences at the beginning of “AMERIICAN REQUIEM,” her heartbreak transforms into defiance and confidence. “Used to say I spoke, ‘too country’ / and the rejection came, said ‘I wasn’t country ‘nough’ / Said I wouldn’t saddle up, but if that ain’t country, tell me what is? / Plant my bare feet on solid ground for years,” she exclaims. While Beyonce is no stranger to delivering iconic album openers, “AMERIICAN REQUIEM” stands out as one of her best.

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