Ride or die, baby! Beyoncé’s new song “II MOST WANTED” featuring Miley Cyrus is, at its core, about the exhilaration and uncertainty of young love. It depicts two people going through life’s journey and standing by each other despite not knowing what the future holds. The song begins with Beyonce and Cyrus acknowledging they might be diving headfirst into the relationship but they’re young and wanted to seize the moment. “Know we’re jumpin’ the gun / but we’re both still young / One day, we won’t be,” the first verse goes. Nearer the chorus, they sing about being in love and expressing their commitment to their significant other. “Came out of nowhere, didn’t give no warnin’ / Pedal so heavy like the two most wanted,” the pre-chorus continues. “And I don’t know what you’re doin’ tonight / But I / I’ll be your shotgun rider ’til the day I die.” The rest of the lyrics follows a similar theme, with lines like “I’d go wherever you take me, seems kind of crazy” and “Yeah, I’ll be your backseat baby, I’m drivin’ you crazy.”

As expected, “II MOST WANTED” has received lots of positive reaction from fans, with the Beyhive and Smilers — as their respective fandoms are called — already clamoring for another collab from the two artists. “The collab we didn’t know we needed,” wrote one fan. “Imagine this LIVE. the next tour would be insane!” exclaimed another. Could this be a Grammy contender? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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