– 10-year-old influencer Everleigh Rose released her first song “Like Taylor Swift” and faced both praise and criticism.
– Some praised her creativity and supported her, while others compared her song to Rebecca Black’s “Friday” and questioned the maturity of her lyrics.
– JoJo Siwa defended Everleigh against the haters, emphasizing the importance of not bullying a 10-year-old and praising Everleigh’s talent and kindness.

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10-year-old influencer Everleigh Rose recently released her first song and music video titled “Like Taylor Swift,” inspired by her love for the iconic singer. The song quickly garnered attention and sparked debate, drawing both praise and criticism from fans and social media users. In the catchy track, Everleigh sings about moving to Tennessee, making her parents proud, and listening to Taylor Swift on the radio with her hair blowing in the wind. However, some questioned the maturity of the song’s lyrics and the involvement of Everleigh’s parents in its creation.

Despite the mixed reactions, fellow influencer JoJo Siwa came to Everleigh’s defense, urging people to refrain from bullying and criticizing a young child for expressing herself through music. JoJo, who has experienced growing up in the public eye herself, emphasized the importance of showing kindness and understanding. She praised Everleigh as one of the kindest and hardest-working kids she has had the pleasure of knowing, stating that the young singer deserves all the love and success she has achieved.

Fans and supporters echoed JoJo’s sentiments in the comments section, emphasizing the need to allow children to have fun and explore their creative talents without being subjected to ridicule. Everleigh’s parents, Savannah and Cole LaBrant, who are popular social media figures themselves, stood behind their daughter’s artistic endeavors, expressing their pride in her songwriting abilities.

Overall, Everleigh’s debut song has generated a range of reactions, with some celebrating her creativity and others questioning the appropriateness of the lyrics. As the young influencer continues to navigate the complexities of fame, she can count on the support and encouragement of her family and loyal fanbase.

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