Last weeks it was revealed that YouTube personality MrBeast (real name Jimmy Donaldson) was filing suit against a company called Virtual Dining Concepts (VDC). In his lawsuit, MrBeast claimed that VDC fell short of the standards they agreed upon in their deal to make a “MrBeast Burger” available through delivery apps across the country. Now VDC is fighting back, counter-suing MrBeast in a lawsuit that seeks $100 million in damages.

In MrBeast’s lawsuit, he accused VDC of creating “low quality” and sometimes “inedible” food that carried his name. Furthermore, MrBeast’s lawsuit claimed he had not earned a single dollar over the course of the three year partnership despite millions of burgers being sold.

VDC’s suit say that it was MrBeast himself who undermined their shared business endeavors by making disparaging statements and driving away customers.

In a press statement a week ago, VDC called MrBeast’s lawsuit “meritless” and “ill-advised”. VDC also claimed it was all a ploy for him to get out of their contract.

Now, VDC is taking its response to court, and the lawsuit is nothing if not strongly worded:

“This case is about a social media celebrity who believes his fame means that his word does not matter, that the facts do not matter, and that he can renege and breach his contractual obligations without consequence. He is mistaken.”

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“This wanton conduct has caused Plaintiffs to suffer enormous financial harm,” the suit states, and now they’re seeking a reported $100 million in damages:

“Donaldson’s baseless and unlawful disparagement had the intended effect: MrBeast Burger’s reputation was materially damaged if not destroyed, customers abandoned the Brand, Plaintiffs’ hard-won relationships with vendors, partners, and suppliers were shattered, causing damages to Plaintiffs that, according to the evidence and Donaldson’s own statements regarding the value of MrBeast Burger, are in the nine-figure range.”

The suit also points to tweets made by MrBeast complaining about the quality of VDC’s MrBeast Burger products, and lamenting his “bad deal” in agreeing to license out his name and likeness for the ghost kitchen delivery burgers.

MrBeast is not the only celebrity who has had a VDC partnership. Others include Mariah Carey, Mario Lopez and DJ Pauly D.

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