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How do you imagine a healthy relationship now? Same-sex relationships, traditional marriages, adopted children, or children conceived and borne by their mother. This diversity used to be seen as something unrealistic, but today it is common practice. What if we were to say that in 20 or 30 years, people will be in relationships with robots and artificial intelligence. You probably think that’s surrealistic. But after reading our material, you will see that it is quite realistic. Let’s answer questions such as will women still need to have children? Will there be families, couples in love, or will sex dolls and intelligence replace everything. Read on and find the answer!

Loneliness vs Marriages

Loneliness will cease to be shameful and marriages will cease to be a want. If you ask your parents or your forefathers, you will know that 20 years ago it was normal to start a family at 19 and have children by 20-21. Now the situation looks radically different. We are living in a difficult time, a time when you have to work a lot to provide for yourself, a time when relationships are less important, and people think about a family at the age of 30-40. Even now there is a tendency that more people prefer to be single and have an established family than to have a full family. Sociologists argue that we are living in an era of individualism, people stop caring about others and think only of themselves. The natural need to create families and reproduce has practically disappeared. In the near future, families can be replaced by Internet communication, which will be quite enough for a comfortable life. Already today loneliness does not frighten people, people learn to find peace and entertain themselves.

Is this trend a good thing, you may ask? It’s debatable since it raises the question of housing since everyone needs a separate apartment. Another important question is who will be able to take care of single people in old age? After all, if the majority of the population is single, then there will not be enough nursing homes for everyone who wants one.

What Will Families Look Like?

With new trends, the concept of family is changing all the time. Nowadays, a family is defined as people living together, a girl and her boyfriend, two girls, and also a homosexual couple. Families are people who have legalized their marriages and who have not taken vows. A family is no longer the mom, dad, and child that it used to be. Some single mothers and fathers raise their children on their own. And what about in the future a person living on their own will be considered a full family? With the development of technology and artificial intelligence, people will be able to be seen by robots and virtual reality. Imagine you come home and your virtual wife is waiting for you, who has already cooked your favorite meal, put on the laundry, ironed your clothes to work, and in addition turned on your favorite music. But what about sex, you ask? Already very popular are erobots for sex, which visually resemble a real girl or man, have the same anatomical structure of genitals. Why doesn’t this version of a family have a right to be?

According to futurologists from around the world, by 2040 people will have more sexual contact with artificial intelligence and robots than people with people. Now sex with dolls interacting with augmented and virtual reality is very popular. But so far, technology does not allow such sexual contact to completely replace real sex with humans. But with the development of new technology, intimate relationships with robots will reach a level where they will not differ from human contacts. And maybe even better.

A Robot for Everyone’s Pleasure!

Even now the relationships between men and women are becoming sometimes too complicated: relationship clarification, misunderstanding, stress, fatigue of one or both partners negatively affect the quality and quantity of sex. The use of robots with the possibility of immersion into virtual reality will allow many to give free rein to fantasy and diversify sexual feelings, for singles not to exclude sex from their lives, and for those who are in a couple to remain faithful to their partner.

Smart robots and artificial intelligence have already learned how to bluff, play chess and checkers, beat professional athletes, recognize and translate any voice and language. Every day scientists are coming up with more and more ways to use artificial intelligence to simplify human life, as well as ways to relax and satisfy us. So possibly robots for sex isn’t as scary as it might seem now?

Sex robots with built-in artificial intelligence will understand your emotions and state of mind better than real people, will anticipate your sexual preferences (because Google is already using its analytics and trying to learn your behavior on the Internet and advertise what you might like). There will be no more shyness, all your most secret desires will be able to come true and no one will judge you.

Many people are rather intimidated by such a technological future in their bedrooms, but there are also adherents of the new approach. Many people do not have sex for very many years; in Japan, on average, people lose their virginity by the age of 30. Why not use a robot to satisfy basic human needs in such a situation? Also, virtual reality can replace a long-distance relationship, because, in fact, many people don’t even know what their soulmate looks like somewhere out there across the ocean.

Sociologists have repeatedly conducted social polls, where the main question was whether a person was ready to meet with artificial intelligence and have an intimate relationship with a robot? Statistics show that over 40 percent of people are ready for this. This shows that most people are afraid of real relationships, consider them too complicated and unnecessary. And a robot does not need anything, it is designed to fulfill your wishes and help in everyday life. It sounds perfect, now we just have to live to see if that’s how it’s going to be.

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