Jessica “Chubbs” Shannon revealed her romance with girlfriend Shyann McCant in 2022, and the couple’s relationship has been featured in Mama June: Family Crisis. With Chubbs and Shyann’s romance getting more screentime, fans are eager to learn more about the woman who’s stolen Chubbs’ heart.

Who Is Jessica Shannon’s Girlfriend Shyann McCant?

Chubbs didn’t reveal that she and Shyann were in a relationship right away. Instead, her family believed that Shyann was simply Chubbs’ roommate. While Chubbs was nervous her mom and sisters wouldn’t be accepting of her having a girlfriend, the family welcomed Shyann with open arms. Shyann’s a single mom to daughter Harper and Chubbs has shared several photos of the little girl via Instagram.

How Long Have Jessica Shannon and Shyann McCant Been Together?

While it’s unclear exactly when Chubbs and Shyann began their relationship, they were together as of Memorial Day 2022. Chubbs shared a photo of the two of them enjoying some time at the beach while relaxing during the holiday.

On July 6, 2023, Chubbs posted a carousel of photos of her and Shyann posing together.

“In less than 5 days I can say that me and this girl have been together for a whole year ! I have to say this year with you has been one of the best, baby! Y’all I’m not going to be long and sappy in this post, but on our one year y’all better be ready ! I love you, baby girl,” Chubbs wrote via Instagram.

Since the couple subtly revealed their relationship in May 2022, Chubbs has been more open regarding herself and Shyann. She’s posted several photos of the two of them cuddling and kissing, and Chubbs has wished her girlfriend a happy birthday several times on social media.

Who Is Jessica ‘Chubbs’ Shannon’s Girlfriend? Meet Shyann
Jessica Shannon/Instagram

“I know it’s not 12 yet but i wanna be the first ………Happy Birthday Babygirl. I hope your day is filled with everything and more that’s [sic] you could wish for. These past three months have been nothing but the best and hope to spend the rest of my life with you! Happy 20th babe. I love you tons baby,” Chubbs wrote in October 2022.

Jessica Shannon Opened Up About Shyann McCant in July 2023

Chubbs had dated men in the past, but during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, her mom, June “Mama June” Shannon, revealed that she “knew” Chubbs was gay before she officially came out.

When asked what changed when she met Shyann, Chubbs replied, “She’s good with everybody. At first, it was rocky, I’m not going to lie, with everybody. She’s a very shy person. She’s open; I can sit there and talk to her about anything.”

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