Get ready to experience the best British television programs and movies for free by subscribing to the BritBox free trial. BritBox is a premium service that offers a 7-day free trial for all new users. You can watch any movie, series, or exclusive content of BritBox during the free trial and cancel the free trial at any time. If you are a movie buff, utilize the free trial to watch the maximum out of movies.

How to Get BritBox Free Trial

#1. On your PC, launch a browser and visit the official BritBox website.

Click the Start Watching Now on BritBox website

#2. Click the Start Watching Now button located in the middle of the landing page.

#3. Input your Email address to create a BritBox account and click Continue.

Enter the Email Address

#4. Enter the username and password. Then, select Continue again.

#5. Choose a subscription plan on the next screen.

#6. Click Continue With Monthly Plan or Continue With Annual Plan based on the option you have selected.

Select the BritBox Subscription plan

#7. Then, enter your Credit Card details correctly and click Start Free Trial.

Enter the Credit Card details correctly

#8. Now, start streaming your favorite movies or TV series on BritBox for 7 days.

How to Cancel BritBox Free Trial Before it Ends

Cancel the free trial a few hours before the end of the last day of the free trial to avoid being charged.

#1. Go to the official BritBox website and Sign in to your Account.

#2. Tap on your Profile name in the top right corner of the screen.

#3. Click on Account Details and then select the Subscription option.

#4. Under the Your Plan section, click Cancel Subscription and follow the on-screen instruction to complete the cancelation process.

Alternative Way to Get BritBox Free Trial

BritBox is available as a channel addon on Amazon Prime Video. Refer to the steps below to get the BritBox 7-day free trial along with the 30-day free trial on Amazon Prime Video.

#1. Launch a web browser on your PC and go to the Amazon Prime Video free trial webpage.

Click Start Your free trials to get britbox free trial

#2. Click the Start Your Free Trial button.

#3. Sign in to your Amazon Prime account using the required login credentials.

#4. Provide your payment details correctly and tap Continue.

#5. Once the payment is verified, your free trial will be activated.

#6. Sign in to your Prime Video account and search for BritBox in the Channels section.

#7. That’s it. Enjoy streaming your favorite BritBox videos on your device for free.

How to Cancel BritBox Free Trial on Amazon Prime Video

#1. Navigate to the Manage Your Prime Video Channels webpage on the Amazon website.

#2. Select the Channels tab under Account & Settings.

#3. Select BritBox from the Your Channels section.

#4. Tap the option Cancel Channel and hit Turn off auto-renew to cancel the free trial.

Subscription Plan to Pick After the End of Free Trial

If you are impressed with the movies and TV series offered by BritBox and looking to extend the BritBox service, then subscribe to the monthly or annual plan of BritBox. The price of BritBox varies depending on the Country you reside in.

United States (US):

  • Monthly Plan – $7.99.
  • Annual Plan– $79.99.

United Kingdom (UK):

  • Monthly Plan – £5.99.
  • Annual Plan– £59.99.


  • Monthly Plan – 79DDK
  • Annual Plan– 599DDK


  • Monthly Plan – 89NOK
  • Annual Plan– 699NOK

South Africa:

  • Monthly Plan – R99.99
  • Annual Plan– R999.99


  • Monthly Plan– €7.99
  • Annual Plan – €59.99


  • Monthly Plan-89SEK
  • Annual Plan-695SEK


  • Monthly Plan-$8.99
  • Annual Plan-$89.99


  • Monthly Plan-$9.99

Best Movies to Watch During BritBox Free Trial Period

To utilize the 7-day free trial efficiently with the BritBox service, we have listed out the best movies and TV series available on BritBox.

  • Pride and Prejudice
  • Inside No. 9
  • Mr. Bean
  • Downton Abbey
  • The Fall
  • Whites
  • Luther
  • Death in Paradise
  • The Office
  • Doctor Who

How to Get BritBox Subscription at a Lower Price

BritBox offers discount codes or coupon codes during the festive seasons like Black Friday, etc. You can use these promo codes to get the BritBox subscription at a lower price. In addition, there are several third-party websites or Promo code generator that offers reliable and working codes. Use the codes to purchase the BritBox plan at a low cost.

BritBox: Compatible Devices

BritBox is compatible with several streaming devices and Smart TVs. The installation guide of BritBox on different devices is mentioned below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I sign up for another BritBox free trial?

Yes. You can sign up for another BritBox free trial using a different mail ID and payment details.

2. Can I extend the BritBox free trial?

No. You cannot extend the free trial.

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