Smart home technologies help elderly people live independently. It will also help their caretaker to monitor their loved ones and focus on their health. However, some elderly people have not grown up with modern technology, and they are not sure of the smart tech accessibility. Some may not even knowhow to activate a new phone. In that case, it is good to automate the things in the home to let the elderly people live independently in their comfort.

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Smart Home Assistant

Smart Assistants such as Alexa or Echo Show are of great help to elderly people and their caretakers. It helps the elderly perform multiple tasks in their comfort just by using voice commands. If they have misplaced their phone or are feeling ill to move from their place, they can just give their smart assistant a command to contact their caretaker.

Alexa can also be programmed to remind them to take their pills on time, feed their pets, take their umbrella while going out, etc. If they feel bored, they can ask the smart assistant to play music. A smart assistant is a smart choice to make seniors feel like having a companion at home who does multiple tasks. Using Alexa, they can even perform online grocery shopping.

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Home Automation Systems

To make Alexa more productive, you can connect it to Smart Home devices such as smart lights, home thermostats, smart doors, robot vacuums, security locks, and more. This will help them perform tasks like locking the door, turning on/off the lights, locking the door, and so on.

Smart Tech

Installing a smart camera on your house would be a brilliant option to talk to seniors frequently. Some seniors may be suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia and forget to perform simple tasks. If they have misplaced their phone, you can talk to them via the two-way audio smart camera.

Smart Tech

If installing security cameras is disliked by elderly people as it affects their privacy at home, you can place sensors around the house. Sensors help you monitor the movement of the adults’ without interrupting their privacy. You can place the sensors on the fridge or place the sensors under the carpet to track their movement.

Setting alarms, such as fire or water flow alarms, is the greatest safety measure that could prevent many accidents. Apart from that, there are multiple security systems that could help you monitor the elderly and are easy to access. You can select the devices according to the needs and preferences of your elderly person.

Other Assistive Technology

Besides the smart home assistant and security systems, you can also purchase the following smart technology. These technologies would replace the human assistant and help the elderly live independently.

  • Pill Dispenser – Though Alexa can remind seniors to take medication on time, the pill dispenser will provide them with the exact dosage of medication.
  • Health Trackers– Nowadays, there are multiple health trackers available, such as Smart Watches. You can give them a Smart Watch which they could wear all the time. From the Smart Watch, you can track your health, such as sleep, calories burned, heart rate, etc. It also has GPS built-in that would help you track the elderly outdoor activities.
  • Flashing devices – For visually impaired people, you can install a flashing device such as a doorbell to remind them that someone is at the door.
  • Screen Readers – If the elderly find it difficult to understand the text, screen readers can help them read what is the text on their phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Communication tools – The essential tool that everyone would already have is a communication tool such as a smartphone. It will help them contact their loved ones in emergencies, and it can reduce their loneliness.

Bottom Line

To sum up, we could say that smart tech accessibility is not the preferred aid but the required aid for elderly people. It could help them live happily and safely in their comfort zone. If you are concerned about your parents, grandparents, or seniors related to you, you can monitor them all the time using smart home devices. If you wish to track their activity, or only arrange them the safety measures rather them disturbing their privacy, you can purchase the smart tech accordingly.

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