The quick pace of Apex Legends can be a lot of tasking for its players. As much as it is demanding for beginners, some advanced players still run into tight corners on occasions. You don’t have to worry, though; this article was designed with you in mind.

This article will be presenting six tips from Apex Legends’ pros after several hours on the game. More so, if you still find it difficult maneuvering some in-game situations, these Undetected Apex Legends Hacks might be all you need.

6 Apex Legend Pro Tips to Help Improve Your Game

1. Your Landing Spot Is Important

A very key factor in determining how your game goes is where you and your teammates land. If you want to live long enough to taste that win, then you should beware of hot zones, like the middle of the map. These locations are very dangerous since you have limited gears to defend yourself at the beginning of the match.

We recommend that you drop close to the edge of the shrinking play zone. The possibility of getting into fights at these locations is narrow, thereby allowing you time to pick supplies before encounters. Some locations where you can find good loots include the refinery and drill site.

2. Aim While Behind Cover

If you’re looking to boost your kill rate and aim in Apex Legends, strafing is a good way to do that. Luckily, the training mode available in the game allows you to get some practice before the real game.

In addition to strafing, snapping is another tactic worth practicing. Snapping has to do with the speed with which you enter a combat zone, drop enemies dead, and move on to another. Acquiring mastery of the two skills just mentioned is a great way to boost the kill rate and stay in the game.

improve Your Game In Apex Legends

3. Team Play Is Important

If you want to get some smooth and easy kills on Apex Legends, engage together with your teammates. Running off alone against hordes of enemies trying to be the hero of the day will only get you killed faster.

If you have any reason to be away from your squadmates, be sure to communicate your location to them. Also, give them useful information about the location of loots and opponents.

4. Prioritize Your Controller Sensitivity

Many beginning gamers believe that a high mouse sensitivity will allow them to move quickly in the game. With enemies dropping dead before they could catch a breath. Instead, they end up getting the reverse expectation.

They find it easy to make precise aiming and in-game movements since everything now moves too fast beyond their control. To get the best out of any game, you need to keep your mouse sensitivity low, at a comfortable level. You can proceed to increase it as you get too comfortable with it.

5. Weapons and Armor Are crucial

Players in Apex Legends make the mistake of running around to grab all the weapons, ignoring armor. Having a weapon as cool as the Charge Rifle may be a waste without good protective armor.

This is because a single headshot from the right weapon can cause severe damage to your health. So once you land on the Apex Legends’ battle ground weapons are a priority to help against your first enemies. Once past your first assailants, make sure you gird on some armor.

6. Know Your Weapons

Your weapons are a major part of Apex Legends since you will be facing enemies throughout the game. A good thing to consider when selecting your weapon is its recoil- it determines the gun’s stability. Also, some weapons are best fit for long-range combat, while some are more effective for mid-range. If you are engaged in a short-range fight, you might consider Peacekeeper or r-99 submachine gun.


Taking your time to consciously apply these tips in your game will improve your performance. With consistency and patience, you get one step closer to becoming like the pros you admire. So, land appropriately, get armor, use cover, understand weapons, etc. Also, don’t forget to use some Apex Legends hacks to help you improve your gameplay.

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