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  • You can download ITVX (or ITV Hub) on all the models of Hisense Smart TV from the Play Store, Channel Store, Amazon App Store, and VEWD App Store.
  • Activate ITVX: Launch the app on TV → Tap on the Sign In Now option → Open the activation link on the browser → Sign in to your account → Enter the code → Click Continue.
  • You can also cast and AirPlay content from ITVX from smartphones to Hisense Smart TV.

Are you looking for a prominent streaming service that offers British content to stream on your Hisense Smart TV? ITVX will be the smart choice. You can get ITVX on all models of Hisense Smart TV. After installing the app on Hisense Smart TV, you must activate it to access the video content.

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ITVX is a freemium ad-supported streaming service in the UK through which you can watch thousands of video-on-demand content like shows, movies, and series on your Hisense TV. You can avoid the ads by subscribing to its premium version. The basic premium package starts from £5.99/month or £59.99/year. If you wish to have a trial before buying, then there is a 7-day free trial option, too.

ITVX can be cast and AirPlay from your smartphone to TV. The process of installing ITVX may vary among the different models of Hisense Smart TV. In this article, we have given detailed steps for installing, activating, and watching ITVX on Hisense Smart TV.

How to Install ITVX on Hisense Android TV

If you are new to ITVX, get a subscription from the ITVX website.

1. Turn on your Hisense Android TV and ensure a stable internet connection.

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2. Go to the Apps section and open the Google Play Store.

ITVX on Android TV

3. Tap on the Search Bar and search for the ITVX app

4. Select the ITVX app from the apps listed below.

5. Now click the Install button and get the app on Hisense Android TV

How to Get ITVX on Hisense Google TV

1. Switch on the TV and hit the Search tab in the menu bar.

App on Google TV

2. Search for ITVX and choose the app from the recommended list.

3. Click the Install button and wait till the process is completed.

4. Now, the app is downloaded on Hisense Google TV.

How to Download ITVX on Hisense Roku TV

1. Power on your TV and press the Home button on the remote.

2. Navigate and locate the Streaming Channels section

ITVX on Hisense Roku TV

3. Tap the Search Channels option and search for the ITVX app.

4. Click the app from the suggestion list.

5. Now, hit the Add to Channel button to install ITVX on Roku TV.

How to Get ITVX on Hisense Fire TV

1. After turning on the Fire TV, navigate to the Home screen.

2. Hit the Search bar and type ITVX using the virtual keyboard.

ITVX on Fire TV

3. Choose the app from the list of apps.

4. Tap the Get button to install the ITVX app on Hisense Fire TV.

How to Add ITVX on VIDAA TV

1. Plug on the TV and click the Apps tile on the home screen.


2. Open the App Store and tap the Search icon at the top.

3. Search for the ITVX app and hit the Install button.

4. Now, the ITVX app is added to Smart TV.

How to Download ITVX on VEWD TV

1. Open the Apps section on your Hisense Smart TV.

2. Launch the VEWD App Store and locate the Search on the left panel.

3. Search for the ITVX app and select from the list of apps.

4. Now, click Install to download the app on Hisense Smart TV.

How to Activate ITVX on Hisense Smart TV

After installing ITVX on Hisense Smart TV, you need to activate the app using the browser on your smartphone or PC,

1. Launch the ITVX app on your TV. Just Browse and Sign In Now options will be available on the screen.

2. Tap the Sign In Now option to see an Activation Code.

Activate on Hisense TV

3. Now, search for the activation site (itv.com/watch/pair) of ITVX on your smartphone or PC using a web browser.

4. Sign in to your ITVX account and enter the activation code.

5. Click on Continue to activate ITVX on Hisense Smart TV.

6. You can relaunch the app on Hisense Smart TV.

How to Access ITVX on Hisense Smart TV Using a Smartphone

If you cannot find the ITVX or ITV Hub app on Hisense Smart TV, then you can cast or AirPlay the app from your smartphone.

Cast on Hisense Smart TV

1. Ensure that both your Android smartphone and Hisense smart TV are connected to the same WiFi.

2. Download the ITVX app from the Google Play Store and sign in to your account.

3. Play any content on the app and tap on the Cast icon.

4. Select your Hisense Smart TV from the list of devices available.

5. Your smart TV is ready to stream content from ITVX.

Note: Remember you need to enable screen mirroring on Hisense Roku and Fire TVs. To enable the screen mirroring option on Roku TV, go to SettingsSystemScreen mirroring. On Fire TV, navigate to HomeScreen Mirroring.

AirPlay ITVX on TV

1. Ensure that your TV is compatible with the AirPlay 2 feature.

2. Make sure that your iPhone or iPad and Hisense Smart TV are connected to the same WiFi network.

3. Download ITVX from the App Store and sign in to your account.

3. To enable AirPlay on Hisense Smart TV, navigate to the Settings tile.

4. Click on AirPlay and Home Kit options and turn on AirPlay mode.

5. On your iPhone, swipe down the Control Panel and tap the Screen Mirroring icon.

6. Now, select your Hisense Smart TV on the list of devices available.

7. Enter the code displayed on the screen of Hisense Smart TV.

8. Your iPhone is now connected to Hisense Smart TV.

9. Launch ITVX on your iPhone or iPad and play the content.

10. Watch the app’s content on Hisense Smart TV.

How to Fix ITVX Not Working on Hisense Smart TV

Sometimes, you may have issues with ITVX, like freezing, buffering, or completely stopping working. This may be due to a poor internet connection, server downfall, cache issues, or software incompatible problems. There are some common fixes you could try on your own. Some of them are listed below.

  • Ensure to have a strong internet connection.
  • Check for ITVX servers by using the Downdetector website.
  • Try updating the Hisense TV and the ITVX app.
  • Clear the cache of the ITVX app.
  • Try restarting your Hisense Smart TV.
  • Also, try factory resetting your Hisense Smart TV.

If nothing works, then opt for help from the ITVX support team.


1. How do you watch ITVX live on Hisense Smart TV using a browser?

You can open the built-in browsers of Hisense Smart TV and search for the ITVX official website. Log in to your account and start watching your favorite ITVX shows on Hisense Smart TV using a browser.

2. Are the ITVX and ITV Hub the same?

Yes, both are the same. ITV Hub is rebranded as iTVX.

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