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  • The Apple TV app can’t be deleted as it is pre-installed with the Mac.
  • Instead, you can hide the Apple TV app from your Mac’s Dock.

When I got my MacBook Pro, I got the Apple TV Plus subscription for free for three months. After three months, I lost interest in the Apple TV and decided to delete the app from my Mac. But, as the Apple TV app is a built-in app in all Apple devices, it can’t be deleted from Mac.

This is one of the major issues among Mac users. When I looked for solutions on the Apple Community page, more than 200 users were facing this issue. Instead of trying to delete the app, I simply removed the app from my Mac’s Dock. In this way, I’m no longer seeing the Apple TV app. If you want to delete the Apple TV app from your Mac or iMac, you can follow this guide to hide the Apple TV from the Dock.

How to Hide Apple TV From Mac Dock

1. On your MacBook, go to the Dock section.

Go to Mac Dock

2. Choose the Apple TV app.

3. Drag the app to the Bin icon.

4. Now, the Remove from Dock pop-up message will appear.

Delete the Apple TV app from Mac Dock

5. Release the pointer to remove the Apple TV from the Dock.

6. This will delete the Apple TV app from the Dock.

Remember, this won’t delete the Apple TV app from your MacBook. It just hides the Apple TV from the Doc. If your Mac is performing at low speed, clear the cache files on the Mac to boost its performance.

Alternate Way to Hide Apple TV From Mac Dock

1. Move the cursor to the Apple TV app in the Dock.

2. Tap the trackpad with two fingers to open the pop-up.

Tap the Remove from Dock option

3. Go to Options and choose Remove from Doc option.

4. This will remove the Apple TV from your Mac’s Dock.


1. Why can’t I delete Apple TV from my Mac?

The Apple TV app is one of the built-in apps on the MacBooks. So, you can’t delete or uninstall the Apple TV app.

2. Is it possible to delete built-in apps on iPhones?

Yes, some of the built-in apps like Apple TV, Health, and Mail can be uninstalled from the iPhone. Check the Apple Support article to know all the built-in apps that can be deleted.

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